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Toddlers Tunes (Ages 24 to 36 months)
A freeform music and movement class that introduces songs, instruments and props in a creative learning environment. This class is limited to 6 children with plenty of individual attention.

Creative Movement (Age 3)
A wonderful introduction to the fundamentals of movement, rhythm, body awareness and self-expression. This class also includes exercises to build strength and develop early motor skills. Children enrolled in this program must be potty trained.

Creative Gymnastics (Ages 3 & 4)
Basic exercises and preliminary gymnastic skills get kids off to a great start! Appropriate equipment is used to teach students properly.Muscle strengthening and coordination are emphasized in this class. Children enrolled in this program must be potty trained.

Creative Movement/ Rhythm/Intro to Tap (Age 4)
Creative exploration and music appreciation! Percussive instruments such as maracas and tambourines are used to teach children simple rhythmic patterns found in all types of music also included is an introduction to basic tap fundamentals.

Kindergarten Ballet
The fundamentals of ballet are introduced in this class.

Kindergarten Tap
The fundamentals of tap are introduced in this class.

Kindergarten Jazz
The fundamentals of jazz are introduced in this class.

Kindergarten Hip Hop
Students learn the coolest age appropriate moves with age appropriate music.

Kindergarten Gymnastics
An introduction to elementary tumbling skills. Standard gymnastic equipment is also used to teach children efficiently.

Ballet (Grades 1-12)
With an emphasis on flexibility, correct body placement and discipline, this classical technique class includes barre and center combinations.

Jazz (Grades 1- 12)
A very popular form of dance, which ranges in styles derived from Broadway and classic jazz vocabulary. A great energy booster and muscle strengthener!

Tap (Grades 1- 12)
A syncopated style of dance deriving its roots from the rhythms of Irish Step dance and Spanish Flamenco. This class explores many rhythmic patterns to different styles of music.

Gymnastics (Grades 1- 12)
This class offers basic thru advanced training. A variety of mats and gymnastic apparatus are used to teach children properly. All children are ‘spotted’ accordingly as safety is a priority.

Lyrical/Contemporary (Grades 6- 12)
A combination of Ballet and Jazz, students explore self-expression thru movement. Choreography can vary between flowing and contemporary movement.

Hip Hop (Grades 1- 12)
Students learn the coolest moves from music videos and the like. The hottest music gets this jumpin’! Excellent for coordination, too.

Modern (Grades 6- 12)
Creativity at its best! Students will be introduced to several modern techniques as well as improvisation and the fundamentals of choreography.

Adult Classes
Planet Dance offers ‘no pressure’ dance and fitness classes for those wanting exercise without the jolting of a cardiac workout. Beginners thru advanced are invited to try their skills at ballet, jazz or tap. Great for moms needing an hour out of the house! Treat yourself to this fun class!

Senior Solo
All high school seniors who have been a consistent student with us from 9th – 12th grade is eligible to have a senior solo in our end of the year recital. There is an additional fee for this and parents will receive a letter in the beginning of November with information on this opportunity. Also the dancer has to be registered and attending classes no later than October 31st.

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