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tnSeptember’s tuition as well as a non-refundable registration fee are due upon registration. Thereafter, tuition payments are due on the first class of the month, commencing Oct. 1st, with a 5-day grace period. Tuition received thereafter will be subject to a $5.00 late fee. Tuition remains the same whether it is a 3-week, 4-week or 5-week long month. Regardless of the student’s attendance, all monies must be paid to ensure a place in the class. There will be no tuition refunded for any reason after the 1st two weeks a student is enrolled and participating in class. Skipping a month’s payment due to the absence of the child is not permitted. Make-up classes are provided for any absences, cancellations or snow days. If tuition has been paid in full for the year and your child discontinues his/her classes, there is no refund for the remainder of the balance. There is a $20.00 service charge for any returned checks and Planet Dance does not redeposit checks.

Registration Fee: $15.00 for first child, $10.00 for each additional child. A family cap of $45.00.

Tuition for classes is as follows:

1 class per week $55 per month Save!
2 classes per week $97 per month $13
3 classes per week $135 per month $30
4 classes per week $175 per month $45
5 classes per week $210 per month $65
6 classes per week $245 per month $85
7 classes per week $280 per month $105
8 classes per week $312 per month $128
Trial Class $15 per class
Private 30 minute class $35 per class
Adult Dance Card $120 10 card class

Register for the year in full and receive one FREE costume!

Costume cost is $60.00 per costume.

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